Friday reflection…

A friendly reminder to anyone lying in bed, mind racing, unable to sleep because they are playing the could of, should of, would of game. This is for anyone repeatedly asking why, who believes that if they just get “the right” explanation things will be better. This is for the person who in the heat of the moment clammed up instead of speaking their truth. Now you are sitting in your armchair replaying all of the snappy comebacks that you will say next time. 

The truth is we cannot go back in time and change the past. Most people who repeatedly ask why have already been given an answer, they just didn’t like it. Let’s be real, knowing the answer still does not change what occurred. We all find ourselves replaying past events and imagining how different things could have been. Free yourself from this unhealthy pattern. While the past remains unchanged the future is there for us to design as we please.

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