Baby ​it’s cold outside…a tale about today

If you have watched a weather report, checked social media or are somewhat in tune with current events you’ve heard about the polar vortex. P-O-L-A-R V-O-R-T-E-X…sounds like something out of a marvel comic right? 

Today was officially classified as the “coldest day of this generation” by our local weatherman. Schools have been closed all week, some employers are encouraging their workers to stay home, and postal workers were given the day off. However, for social workers like myself it was a work day.

So how did the polar vortex affect my day? Well, glad you asked. I woke up this morning a little after 7am. My kids did not have school so I was able to sleep in, and I ain’t mad about it. I checked my phone and immediately saw that the temperature read -26 and that it felt like -50. I drug myself out of bed and let my dogs out for a quick bathroom break because they were not feeling this polar vortex either. I come back upstairs to check my work email and that’s when I see it. My husband’s truck, covered in ice…blocking my car which is in the garage.I could tell by the look on his face things were not going well. Needless to stay it would not start and nothing he tried would get it to start. The one day, he parks behind my vehicle and it’s frozen. Well, there went my 10am home visit.

Now the bright side. I am extremely grateful for a job that allows me to work from home. Like any good social worker I had a large pile of paperwork that needed to be addressed. Coffee in hand, and candle ablaze I sat down to make a dent, however tiny it may be, in my case notes.

Sure I couldn’t leave my house, but I was warm, we have food and my family was safe. No complaints from me.

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